Accounting and Finance

Accounting is an integral part of businesses. Outsourcing roles in accounting will effectively drive more profit and show impactful growth. 

If you’re a startup, an independent business, or an accounting firm, PolaHRIS will connect you to smart, experienced, and knowledgeable accounting experts depending on your needs. 

Outsourcing accounting roles enables businesses to save up to 70% versus your traditional staffing roles. PolaHRIS’ team of accountants is knowledgeable in US and AU tax laws. 

Let’s work on your own terms. Your staff or team will work directly with you, use the systems you already have in place, and work during your office hours. PolaHRIS will do the HR work for you. 


  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Processing
  •  Financial Statements
  • Compliance

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